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Where we’re at and where we’re going

Astra Nova


Now that the initial work in the creation of Astra Nova is complete, it’s a good time to take stock of where we are at and where we are headed next.

The development team has finished the first version of the MVP and has moved onto working to upgrade the MVP to — version 2.0

Included in that work are improvements to several aspects including the UI design, gameplay, some of the animation fixes, the dashboard, VFX effects and several other unique features that will be revealed in the future.

The team hopes to solve the above issues over the near future so that they can launch the second version of the MVP within a similar time span.

Deviants, TGE, and a teaser trailer

On the Deviants side of things, the Diamond & Gold Mint Pass NFTs were sold out in January & the team is hard at work preparing for the Deviants Silver Mint Pass event which will start from Feb 7 4PM UTC to Feb 9 4PM UTC.

First 24 hrs would only be open to mint for Whitelisted users,& the next 24hrs open for Public mint.

You can use each Silver mint pass to freely claim 1 Deviants NFT on launch date (March 15th,2023) plus get Early Access to the game & lore.

Grab your 1st NFT for free & 2nd NFT for only 0.0035 Ξ (Only 2 NFTs allowed per wallet)

After that comes the Deviants Launch on March 15th,2023 where the Deviants NFTs would be claimed by the community with the Mint Pass NFTs and remaining sold to waitlist and public users.

The token generation event (TGE) for Astra Nova is also set to open to the public towards the end of the upcoming quarter where crypto holders will have the opportunity to purchase & claim their Airdrop Revive Token ($RVV).

During this time frame, the team also plans to start rolling out other platform features and an official teaser trailer that can give users their first good look at what gameplay on Astra Nova will look like.

Future developments

In Phase 05, which is from Q1 2023, the team plans to unveil v2 of the Astra Nova website following the Deviants NFT Drop.

On the development side, the team plans to develop the Online Codex and player profiles and plans to release the first and second BattlePasses to the community. There are also plans to open up Deviants NFT staking.



Astra Nova

Astra Nova is a free-to-play Revolutionary Web3 RPG | Powered by @hedera & Unreal Engine. Game Demo & $RVV 🔜