Team Behind AstraNova

The Team Behind Astra Nova

Astra Nova
2 min readDec 29, 2022


The team behind Astra Nova is packed full of experience and talent with a dedicated group of gaming enthusiasts and entrepreneurs focused on creating blockchain’s first true MetaRPG game.

Management team

Faizy Ahmed and Muhamed Ashhar are the co-founders of Astra Nova.

Faizy Ahmed has been involved in the blockchain industry since 2015, with vast years of experience in the sectors of running crypto mining farms, ICO investment, altcoin trading and trading NFTs. Apart from his obsession in blockchain he’s an Entrepreneur in the Education and Trading sectors. Now, he is pulling on his entrepreneurial mindset to launch Astra Nova as a way to help migrate traditional Web2 gamers to Web3 blockchain-based gaming.

Muhamed Ashhar is a gaming enthusiast with a background in business and finance that is looking to bring his skills in business to help Astra Nova become a thriving gaming ecosystem.

The Chief Strategy Officer for Astra Nova is Ben X Trinh, a Brooklyn-based brand and experience strategist that has a passion for storytelling and improving user experience.

Keith Barrows is the Chief Legal Officer for Astra Nova, a proven relationship manager with the ability to create enterprise value through growth and development, sound fiscal management and prudent financial investment management.

Project Directors

The final product of a project is largely dependent upon the project’s directors, and Astra Nova has pulled in some of the best in the business.

Marce Moya Ochoa is the Art Director for Astra Nova, a specialist in creative and visual direction for gaming, esports and entertainment. Marce has experience with some of the most recognizable brands in the world, including PlayStation, Red Bull, Warner Bros., Gatorade, OPPO and Movistar.

The Creative Director for the project is David Salisbury, an award winning content creator who specializes in building brand identities and developing creative strategies for clients of all sizes.

Our Lead Game Developer is probably one of the most talented game developers in India. He regularly conducts Masterclasses on using UnrealEngine and Unity to build and develop games. He is also the CEO of one of the most successful indie game development studios in India, and an avid youtuber with 100k subscribers. He had previously secured megagrant from Epic Games to build a native AAA game title from India, Mumbai Gullies.



Astra Nova

Astra Nova is Web3’s first true MetaRPG, co-created with gamers, for gamers. Check out our website: