The next stage in Deviants evolution: Deviants Burn and Animate

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2 min readNov 18, 2023


Deviants Burn Event

Heads up Deviants fans, the next stage in the evolution of the project is here.

Following our upcoming launch with, one of the top crypto exchanges in the industry, it will be time to take your Deviants to the next level with the Deviants “Burn-to-Animate” Event.

Why it matters

The Burn-to-Animate Event marks one of the most significant developments in Deviants history because it advances the NFTs closer to the originally intended goal. It will also reduce the available supply of Deviants, increasing the rarity of each NFT.

Anyone who has been involved in the NFTs space for any length of time knows that rarity is one of the most important factors when it comes to valuing non-fungible tokens. For this reason, the team behind Deviants has elected to incorporate a burn mechanism to help lower the circulating supply of Deviants NFTs.

Through the process of animating your Deviants NFT, two Deviants are required as a sacrifice. This means that each animated Deviants NFT will reduce the total supply by two, in addition to giving you a killer NFT to brag about to your friends.

Don’t miss out on the Deviants Burn to Animate event to ensure that you keep pace with the fast-moving development of Deviants and Astra Nova as we move forward in our exploration of this exotic, untamed, yet exhilarating universe.

How it works

The first step in participating in the Deviants Burn to Animate event is to acquire at least three Deviants NFTs. For those who need to fulfill this requirement, Devints can be purchased on the top NFT marketplaces in the ecosystem, including OpenSea,, and LooksRare.

Once you have all three Deviants NFTs in your digital wallet, you will be able to connect with the Burn-to-Animate page to complete the process. This will involve selecting which two Deviants you want to burn, and which one you want to animate.

After you have made your decision and initiated the burn process, the reactors inside the Deviants system will start the process of animating your NFT. As will all good things, the procedure will take a little bit of time as your Deviants gestate and animate.

Approximately 30 days after you initiate the Burn to Animate process, your animated Deviants will be ready and the metadata will reflect the animated Deviant.

The Burn-to-Animate Event is scheduled to take place after the Deviants drop being conducted in partnership with

The Deviants team will release updated information about the event, including links to the burn page, as its launch approaches.



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