The Deviants of Astra Nova Will Be On Hedera & Ethereum — Let us Explain

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3 min readNov 16, 2022

Hey Deviants! We’ve been seeing a lot of questions about which network the Deviants will be on and understandably so. Astra Nova is set to Hedera as one of the first major games on the network, we understand how talks of Ethereum for The Deviants NFT collection could drum up confusion.

Today we wanted to clarify precisely which networks Astra Nova & Deviants will be a part of & things you can look forward to as a result.

A Collection Spanning Multiple Networks

We would like to make things very clear right off the bat. Our universe is meant to be enjoyed by anyone & everyone no matter the network. Because let’s be real, the future is multichain! With that in mind the Astra Nova game will be launching on Hedera.

Meanwhile the Deviants NFTs collections, that’s right collections will be launching on Ethereum & Hedera!

But why?

Deviants Evolve — So Will Their Network & The Way You’re Rewarded

Deviants have always been known to stir up chaos and their ability to evolve over time is a huge part of that & the entire Universe of Astra Nova. This evolution takes your Deviant from OG NFT to an Astra Nova game-ready character as they make the move from Ethereum to Hedera. But, they don’t just evolve, they make an entirely new version of themselves while maintaining the old one, by leveraging powerful crystals left behind by the Weavers.

So Here’s How it Will Work

Your original Deviant mint will inhabit the Ethereum Network & be equipped with all the core utilities we’ve announced until now & much more. Post-mint, every deviant holder will be able to mint a crystal, which will facilitate this evolution to the Hedera network.

Evolved Deviants are entirely separate NFTs that will be on the Hedera Network & be fully-equipped with gameplay-related utilities and a refreshing new look.

That means 2 NFT Deviants. 1 OG Deviant on Ethereum Network & 1 game-ready evolved NFT with a new look & utilities on the Hedera Network.

Make sense?

But Why Ethereum For The OG Deviant Mint?

Long before our association with Hedera, Deviants were designed and developed for the ETH chain. As such, we have already partnered with several ETH related projects for the same — partnerships we intend to honor.

Further, as we are all aware, ETH still has the most options when it comes to reputable exchanges, wallets, & liquidity right now.

Overall, we believe it is our primary duty to ensure that our community receives the maximum value for their investment in us and we will work very hard to make it so.

Our Commitment to Hedera

This does not change the fact that we are still RESOLUTELY committed to Hedera in the long term because we believe the Hedera Network will provide our users the best gameplay experience & gaming NFT experience, with their low predictable costs & lightning fast network speeds.

Plus, they are the only carbon negative DLT chain in the world.

Unlike the Astra Nova universe, we only have one planet — Earth. We are huge believers in doing everything we can to protect and save our world.


When you get an OG Deviant on Ethereum you’ll be eligible for a crystal that will net you another NFT for gaming on the Hedera Network in Astra Nova.

You get exposure to the liquidity of Ethereum, while getting the best gameplay experience possible on Hedera.

Let us know if you have any questions about our multi network launch & stay strong in these trying market conditions.

Deviants out!



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