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Astra Nova: A dual token ecosystem offering the most advanced MetaRPG experience in gaming

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Since the advent of the first video game in the 1950s, the electronic gaming sector has become one of the fastest-growing industries on the planet, appealing to a wide range of age demographics as the digital and internet revolutions slowly reshape the face of our global society.

The introduction of Bitcoin and blockchain technology on the world stage ushered in the next evolution of gaming as the safety and immutability of distributed ledger technology (DLT) holds the promise of transforming all manner of industries, from finance to entertainment.

Here’s a look at how blockchain technology and its ability to facilitate the creation of in-game tokens like $RVV are helping to revolutionize the gaming industry and return the power to gamers and game developers.

Token Utility in a MetaRPG

For as long as gamers can remember, hundreds of hours have been dedicated to mastering certain games by leveling up characters capable of defeating the ultimate boss.

Unfortunately, once the boss has been defeated and the fleeting sense of accomplishment passes, all a player is usually left with is bragging rights in online forums and impressive character stats.

This is where blockchain technology and in-game tokens play a role in evolving the industry by allowing time spent playing to be redeemed for value in the real world — creating a new income source for gaming aficionados.

It also creates the opportunity for experienced gamers who are no longer interested in spending hours leveling up characters to pay others to do the grinding for them, creating a win-win on both accounts.

All of this is only possible through the integration of blockchain technology, which enables nonfungible tokens (NFTs) and in-game currencies that can be tracked, traded and transferred outside of the games’ ecosystem and exchanged on the open market.

That is what is achievable with Astra Nova and its $RVV Token and Deviant NFTs.

How Hedera fits into the Astra Nova mix

The functionality of a blockchain-based MetaRPG comes down to the capabilities of the network it’s hosted on, which is why Astra Nova chose the Hedera network as its home.

Unlike other popular protocols like Bitcoin and Ethereum — which select a single miner or validator to mint a block — Hedera utilizes a hashgraph consensus mechanism in which the community of nodes running hashgraph comes to an agreement on which transactions to add to the ledger as a collective.

This alternate way to achieve consensus enables Hedera to process 10,000 transactions per second and achieve an immediate settlement with finality, all for the low cost of $0.0001 USD, paid in HBAR. And thanks to recent developments within the Hedera community, cross-chain interoperability will all Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-compatible networks is now possible.

Astra Nova’s Dual Token Economy

When it came down to choosing the ultimate token design for a MetaRPG, Astra Nova elected to adopt a dual token model which helps separate token functionality into two distinct ecosystem tokens.

Dual token systems help projects avoid running into compliance issues with regulators while at the same time helping to create a more user-friendly gaming environment for players.

Astra Nova settled on a dual token system for the ability it has to separate actions associated with conducting transactions and purchasing in-game items from governing and managing the overall operations of the Astra Nova ecosystem.

The two tokens that power Astra Nova are Revive Token ($RVV) and Governance Token ($GTKN).

The Unique Benefits of $RVV and $GTKN

$RVV is the main token used for gameplay and powers all in-game transactions, including payments. All purchases on Astra Nova’s NFT Marketplace are made using $RVV, and the token is also used to fund all NFT upgrades and power-ups. Tournament entry fees are also paid using $RVV along with all council-related fees, such as the costs associated with advertising or gaming licenses.

For those looking for more hands-on involvement in the future of Astra Nova, there’s Governance Token ($GTKN). This token is considered to be more of a meta-token, which lets players join the Astra Nova decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), vote on important future developments, and become part of the community that is collectively building the Astra Nova world for players from all over the world to enjoy. $GTKN has no financial value and is only an in-game governance token.

How You Can Get Your Hands on The $RVV Token

At this point, the ways that players can get their hands on $RVV are limited as the platform is still in its early stages of launching.

The best opportunity for anyone to acquire $RVV for free is to take part in the ongoing airdrop. To participate, interested parties can complete engagement tasks on Twitter and Discord to accumulate points for a chance to win a share of the 30 million $RVV reward pool and a spot on the Deviant Mint pass allowlist.

The next best way to acquire $RVV is to subscribe to Astra Nova’s social media channels to stay informed of upcoming announcements and surprise earning opportunities. With Astra Nova preparing to officially launch to the public and begin the process of minting Deviants, there are sure to be lots of ways to get involved and start earning as the game rolls out and players begin to engage.



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