Deviants NFT Roadmap And The Team Behind It.

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Deviants NFT Roadmap And The Team Behind It

Deviants NFT Roadmap And The Team Behind It

Table of Contents

  • Recap of Astra Nova’s journey
  • What makes the Deviants NFTs of Astra Nova special?
  • Glimpse of Deviants Roadmap
  • The team behind these mischievous NFTs

Recap of Astra Nova’s journey

Astra Nova began its journey in 2020 with the goal of creating a unique MetaRPG on Unreal Engine 5. During the first year, the founders focused on researching, ideating, and conceptualising a game that would be connected to and supported by the gaming community. While some web3 games have offered great utility for virtual assets, these assets often require a significant effort to sell due to a lack of certain key characteristics.

As gaming enthusiasts, the team is working on a groundbreaking game that could potentially dominate the web3 gaming industry. The game features “Deviants,” which are companion characters for players and reveal hidden mysteries within the Astra Nova game lore.

What makes the Deviants of Astra Nova special?

The Deviants of Astra Nova are companion characters with over 520+ different traits and 15 different species, making them one of the most diverse NFT collections ever. These NFTs have multiple uses beyond the game, including:

✅ Premium gameplay experience with special missions

✅ Early access as beta testers

Evolution of the Deviants character 🧬

✅ 3D printed Deviant models and merchandise

✅ Guaranteed airdrop rewards

✅ Passive income through renting and upgrades through staking

✅ Exclusive access to Deviants web comics

You can get into the Deviants NFT collection by purchasing/minting a Deviants Mint Pass NFT which gives you guaranteed opportunity to freely claim a Deviants NFT on Launch Day.

Glimpse of the Deviants Roadmap

From 2021 through Q4 2022, the team of game and art veterans spent countless hours and resources to conceptualize, create, and get Deviants characters ready for the prime time. This included the development of the Deviants story arc and 3D character development.

More than $100,000 was spent over this stage for the development of the Deviants NFTs. This period concluded with the launch of marketing for the Deviants Mint Pass event and included the signing of multiple partnerships and collaborations with other projects.

Deviants Roadmap

Q1 2023

The Deviants teaser trailer was unveiled for the cryptocurrency community in the lead-up to the Deviants Mint Pass event, which consisted of three tiers. There were 5555 Silver mint passes, 2222 Crimson mint passes, 500 Diamond mint passes and 222 Gold mint passes. All mint passes were completely sold out.

After the mint pass event, we proceeded to release the first Deviants Lore drops, and the Deviants NFTs were listed on popular NFT marketplaces, including OpenSea and Rarible.

Q2-Q3 2023

The Deviants NFT collection officially launched and Mint Pass holders continued to reveal their unique characters. We also held our Legendary Deviants Auction Drop in collaboration with Billboard Artist Luciana Caporaso.

Q4 2023

This quarter will see Deviants make an exerted push into the broader cryptocurrency ecosystem outside of NFT marketplaces with a launch of the Deviants collection on the centralized exchange to go along with the release of the Deviants Webtoon made available for holders. Deviants holders will also get a new way to earn passive income with the launch of the Deviants staking platform, and each NFT will become even rarer after the Deviants Burn Event.

The project will also take the next step in its evolution with the release of a unique set of Evolved Deviants NFTs on the Hedera network. This marks a significant milestone for Astra Nova, its partners at Hedera, and the project’s supportive community.

Q1-Q3 2024

This promises to be a busy time for the Deviants and Astra Nova. The Deviants Swag Shop will launch, giving community members the opportunity to have their NFTs immortalized in various forms of collectibles and apparel that they can proudly display for the crypto community.

On the technological front, there will be a Deviants AR Avatar update to go along with Animation and VFX updates. Staking for Evolved Devianats will be enabled, and the initiation of upgradable traits for all Deviants will take place.

Battle Pass Seasonal Rewards will be announced, and we will also launch a new Deviants standalone mini-game. The game will feature character upgrades and the ability to upgrade the NFTs.

2024 Q4

This will be a momentous time for the Deviants collection as they will become usable in the Astra Nova game for the first time.

The team behind the mischievous NFTs.

The team behind the Deviants at Astra Nova has extensive experience in the web3 ecosystem. The co-founders, Faizy Ahmed and Muhamed Ashhar, has vast years of expertise in blockchain development, gaming, and finance. Ben X Trinh is the Chief Strategy Officer based in Brooklyn, U.S.A. and has played a crucial role in crafting the Astra Nova narrative for a web3 audience. Keith Barrows is the Chief Legal Officer with a strong track record of legal expertise in the web3 space.

Marce Moya Ochoa, the Art Director, and David Salisbury, the Creative Director, are both talented and creative members of the Astra Nova team. Marcelo has worked with brands such as PlayStation, Red Bull, Warner Bros., Gatorade, OPPO, and Movistar. David is an award winning creative writer and storyteller who has a history in crafting amazing brand identities.

Finally, the 3D artists have significant experience developing assets for prestigious games such as Assassin’s Creed, GTA, FIFA, and Mortal Kombat 11.

Astra Nova’s advisors include:

Saiprasad Raut, the Chief Technology Advisor for Crypto Strategy and Web 3 at Hedera.

Alvin Wu, VC specialist at;

Amateo Ra, the Head of Marketing at Masa Finance and Lead Marketing Director for Ethos.

James Rothwell, the VP of global marketing at Binance.

Kashan Rafique, Venture capitalist and investment manager.

Wrap Up

Silver Mint Pass will start from Feb 7 4PM UTC and last till Feb 9 4PM UTC.

First 24 hrs would be for the Whitelisted users ONLY.

The next 24 hrs would be open for Public mint.

You can use the silver mint pass to claim 1 Deviants NFT for on launch date plus get Early Access to the game & lore. Best Part is that the Silver Mint Pass is a free mint for whitelisted users!

The Deviants Silver Mint Pass will start on Feb 7th, 4pm UTC. To stay up to date with the latest developments, join our Discord channel and follow us on Twitter.



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