Deviants Launch Saga: Mint Pass burn & claim, Airdrop and Soft Staking

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4 min readMar 6, 2023

The Astra Nova team would like to express our sincere gratitude to our community and supporters for their contributions to our project’s success thus far. We are pleased to announce that the Deviants Mint Pass events have sold out, confirming the high level of interest in and demand for Deviants NFTs.

Next comes the claiming period for Deviants, which includes an exclusive $RVV airdrop for most Mint Pass Tiers, our way of thanking our early supporters.

Please note that the only way to mint a Deviants NFT is with a Deviants Mint Pass, which will be available for claiming starting March 15th. All Mint Pass Holders are guaranteed to mint a Deviants NFT, provided they claim it within the given time window.

If you missed the original sale of Deviants Mint Passes, you can now purchase Silver, Crimson, Diamond, and Gold Mint Pass on OpenSea.

Beware of any announcements claiming to offer any other way to mint Deviants NFTs on March 15th; they are likely scams, and we advise you to steer clear of them.

Deviants NFT launch day

The Deviants NFT launch day is on March 15th, starting at 4 PMUTC. This is the earliest point in time when Mint Pass holders will be able to start claiming their NFTs. The Mint Pass window will remain open until 4 PM UTC on April 13th.

All unclaimed Deviants after the April 13 deadline will be transferred to the team vault to be used for future marketing purposes, collaborations, partnerships, and community giveaways.

The Deviants Launch day — ‘BURN & CLAIM PROCESS’

To claim a Deviants NFT, Mint Pass holders must connect their wallet containing their Mint Pass to our mint site, which will be announced soon.

Once connected, users will be prompted to “burn” all their Mint Passes by clicking mint (essentially sending all the Mint Pass NFTs from you wallet to an inaccessible wallet, hence destroying them in the process) and free minting an equivalent number of Deviants NFTs, based on the type of Mint Pass you own. The good news is that all of this takes place in a single gas transaction.

Deviants Reveal

The reveal event for Deviants NFTs is on March 20th. All Deviants claimed up to this point will be revealed on this date. Deviants claimed after this date will be eligible for instant reveal upon being claimed.

We would like to remind all Mint Pass holders who wish to qualify for the airdrop to fill out the airdrop form before the end of the claim period (4 PM UTC, April 13th). To be eligible to receive the airdrop rewards, Mint Pass holders must burn all the Mint Passes they own and claim Deviants during the claim window from March 15th — April 13th.

At 11:30 am UTC on April 13th, the wallet snapshots will be taken, which will determine the distribution of airdrop tokens.

Diamond Mint Pass holders will receive an airdrop of 5,000 $RVV tokens, Gold Mint Pass holders will receive 2,500 $RVV, and Crimson Mint Pass holders will receive 2,222 $RVV.


Deviant Mint Pass Whales in the crowd, those who hold 5 Silver Mint Passes, will receive 5,000 $RVV tokens, while those holding 10 Silver Mint Passes will receive 10,000 $RVV.

Holders of at least 5 Diamond Mint Passes qualify to receive an airdrop of 50,000 $RVV tokens, and those holding 10 Diamond/Gold Mint Passes will receive 100,000 $RVV tokens.

In order to receive your airdrop, you must provide your correct Hedera address on the airdrop form, and addresses CANNOT be changed once they have been submitted. If you do not currently have a Hedera wallet, you can create one quickly at HERE.

The airdrop distribution schedule is as follows: 20% of earned rewards will be airdropped during the token generation event (TGE), and the remaining amount will be linearly unlocked over a period of 6 months.

Fill up this form — Deviants Mint Pass Airdrop Form

Please note: ALL Airdrop rewards & wallets will be compiled and announced on April 20th.

Soft staking rewards

Soft staking rewards have been introduced to reward our diamond hands, with a program available for Silver, Gold, and Diamond Mint Pass holders.

All users who delist their Silver/Gold/Diamond Mint Pass NFT from OpenSean and HODL them in their wallet until Deviants launch day will receive $RVV rewards based on the number of days they hold from the moment they fill the form.

Each Silver Mint Pass holder will earn 30 $RVV tokens per day, while Diamond Mint Pass holders can earn 50 $RVV tokens per day, and Gold Mint Pass holders earn 90 $RVV per day.

Rewards will begin to accumulate once you submit the Soft Staking Form and delist your Mint Pass from OpenSea. Please note that relisting your MintPass on OpenSea after filling the form will result in the forfeiture of all earned rewards, and disqualification from the competition.

The soft staking rewards period concludes on March 15th. A snapshot will be taken at 11:30 am UTC to determine the rewards that each participant is eligible to receive. Users who hold multiple Mint Passes in different wallet addresses must make separate entries for each wallet.

Fill up this form — Deviants Mint Pass Soft Staking Form

Please note: The Soft staking rewards & wallets will be compiled and announced on April 20th.



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