Black Pass SocialFi Platform: Full Guide

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3 min readMay 13, 2024

Welcome to the Black Pass Platform!

The Black Pass is a SocialFI platform accessible through a free soulbound NFT, mintable at the time of joining. On this platform, you’ll undertake social quests and collect shards (points) to earn the $RVV token airdrop, the official token of the Astra Nova ecosystem. It all begins with Season 1, centered around Astra Nova’s upcoming game demo.

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The Quests

- We aim to reward the OGs of Astra Nova, and to accomplish that, the TheDeviantsNFT Collection is the best way. So, all holders of Deviants will earn shards by holding the Deviants throughout the Black Pass journey. It is mandatory to mint the Black Pass in order to earn the shards.

- Secondly, we want everyone to play the demo, and for that, we’ll have a specific quest for it. Completing the demo will earn you the maximum shards in a single quest.

- Thirdly, the majority of quests will take place on social media, primarily focused on Twitter. There will be multiple tweets to retweet, content creation, and engagement quests, each rewarding you with shards.

- Finally, and crucially, there will be a referral quest in which you’ll earn for every friend you invite. You’ll earn shards for each Deviant your friend holds throughout the whole of Season 1.

Every quest is on-chain, meaning there are fees associated with claiming shards (a few cents as it’s Immutable zk-EVM). We are providing 20 free transactions on the platform so you don’t need to worry about it. You don’t need to use them all, we recommend “updating the Black Pass” only sometime near the end of Season 1 (we will announce it) or to see yourself in the leaderboard. You don’t need to keep updating it for every single quest and wasting the free transactions, there is no need for it.

The Season 1 Shards & Quests Table

Ecosystem Tasks

(Some of the Quests above won’t be available on day 1)

The Role of the Deviants NFTs

As said, we wanted to reward the early contributors of our game. And that is done through the Deviants NFT Collection, the first NFT collection we released.

Important to know:
Deviants on the Ethereum Network / Opensea will get shards automated on their Black Pass.
Deviants on NFT marketplace will need to fill a form, with their unique code they received on their emails, by This will come in a later stage.

The Seasons

We can already share that there will be multiple seasons on the Black Pass. Astra Nova is a long-term project, so the Black Pass will continue to exist as long as Astra Nova is here. It’s a soulbound NFT that will be your main platform for the game. Season 1 is focused on the demo and the launch of $RVV, while Season 2 will focus on our partners.

Final thoughts

Key to being able to participate in Black Pass is understanding how to navigate Astra Nova’s multi-chain ecosystem.

All gameplay occurs on Hedera, so you will need to have a Blade Wallet and connect it to the Black Pass Platform for us to interconnect with the EVM chain.

The Black Pass operates on Immutable zkEVM, and all that needs to be done to start your journey is connecting your wallet with the Black Pass platform, minting is free.

To help you get started on your journey, Astra Nova will provide all users with 20 free transactions so you can update your shards count. Again, just make sure you spread out your updates and don’t try and check every time you complete a quest, otherwise you will use up your free transactions before Season 1 is over.

Collect as many Shards you can!
See you on the Leaderboard!
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