Astra Nova’s Chain Expansion Announcement

Astra Nova
1 min readApr 24, 2024
Astra Nova Chain Expanision

Dear Astra Nova Community,

We understand your anticipation for both the game and token launches. While you wait, we’re excited to announce a significant development: the expansion of our chain compatibility to EVM with Immutable zkEVM.

Here’s the breakdown:

Game Demo: Hedera
Game Development: Hedera
Black Pass SocialFi Platform: Immutable zkEVM
Token: Immutable zkEVM + Hedera

While Hedera remains our primary operational hub, we recognize the dynamic nature of the blockchain ecosystem. The absence of a singular dominant chain necessitates our expansion efforts to attract a broader audience to Astra Nova.

Our vision for the Black Pass extends beyond a mere SocialFi platform. To ensure widespread adoption and engagement, we’re integrating an EVM-compatible chain.

For the HBARbarians, it’s essential to understand that this approach is beneficial. We are dedicated to attracting new users to Hedera, and this strategy accomplishes that goal. As you may be aware, web3 gaming represents the most effective gateway for the industry to achieve genuine adoption, and we are fully committed to that objective.

Astra Nova Team



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