Astra Nova Update Announcement

Astra Nova
3 min readOct 5, 2023

Dear community,

We are thrilled to announce that Astra Nova has entered a refreshed stage in preparation for our Demo launch. In the next few weeks, you will witness Astra Nova’s activity skyrocket with significant announcements that will empower the Hedera Ecosystem like never before.

Are you ready to witness the game changer in web3 gaming?

Demo Announcement:

This next stage will revolve around the release of our Demo, which will be the most significant release for Astra Nova thus far. You will be able to play and experience true AAA quality in web3 gaming, something not frequently seen in this space.

Black Pass & $RVV:

The Black Pass will be a Soulbound Dynamic NFT, serving as the hub for all activities within the Astra Nova ecosystem. It will be your Astra Nova ID and crucial if you want to get your hands on $RVV. Regarding the token sale, it will happen at the right time. Make sure to play the demo if you want to… 😉.


Our website has undergone major improvements, with new rebranded visuals. You can visit to get a sneak peek of what’s coming. The full release will happen in the next few weeks.


Our close relationship with the HBAR Foundation & Hashgraph Association will not go unnoticed. We have chosen Hedera because we believe it is the most prosperous ecosystem. This mutual partnership is built to last, so expect the unexpected.


We have not forgotten our beloved Deviants. Deviants will play a crucial role in Astra Nova, and a lot of news is coming their way. Prepare to burn & stake and for the release of new collections on and on Hedera!

The Future

What does the future hold? With the team’s recent restructuring and a real wave of freshness, we can only anticipate a bright horizon. We aim to lead the GameFi narrative during the upcoming years, and we have full confidence in its feasibility. Through strategic partnerships, innovative initiatives, and dedicated development, we are poised to foster growth and establish a new paradigm in web3.

Media Sneak Peeks:

If you missed Episode 3 of Novacast, here are some game sneak peeks that will blow your mind:

Game Environment 1
Game Environment 2
Game Environment 3

Stay tuned….



Astra Nova

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