A Change is Coming to Deviants Land… Prepare to be Trolled

Astra Nova
2 min readMar 18, 2024
Deviants Daily

Hey Deviants fans, how’s the bull market treating you?

It’s been a rocking good time for us so far, and it’s reawakened the fun-loving Deviants side of our team, so we figured it’s time to shake things up.

From now on, you can expect to see a more playful, interactive style on Twitter and our other social media channels as our Deviants nature begins to express itself more.

Love crypto conspiracies? We’ve got you covered.

The latest gossip about crypto influencers and wannabe crypto messiahs. We’re on it.

And don’t be surprised to see troll Deviants pop up on an X-feed (that just doesn’t seem to have the same ring as ‘Twitter-feed’ and kind of makes us feel a little dirty) near you.

See, it’s already begun. The trolling will be epic. — good-natured, but epic.

It’s important to remember that all trolling and engagement is done in the name of fun, and though Deviants can be tricky critters, at the end of the day, they only have the community’s best interest in mind.

Feel free to join in on the frivolity and engage with the new, more playful Deviants. Community interaction is the backbone of any successful NFT and gaming ecosystem, after all.

Just make sure to bring your sense of humor and keep things light — this is a bull market after all, the one period every four years where we crypto folk can give a collective, “Told you so,” to the world around us.

So when you are ready, drop on by our X-page and give a us hi-there and hello, and see what kind of mood the Deviants are in today.

Meanwhile, have you checked the updated utilities in the Deviants collection?

- Soft Staking on Astra Nova Black Pass, to earn shards for the $RVV airdrop (coming soon)

- Deviants Mobile Game (Being developed)

- Deviants Webtoon (Being developed)

- Special Astra Nova Game Missions (2025)

- Early Beta Testers of Astra Nova Game (2025)

- Whitelist for upcoming NFT launches

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